The Great Seal Count


The Great Seal Count is a special project performed at Vatnsnes peninsula and the east coast of Heggsstaðanes peninsula every year, in July and August in rotation. The project has been conducted every year since 2007 and depends solely on the participation of volunteers.

The project area (coast line) is altogeather around 80 km which is all researched at the same time, in a period of 4 hours during afternoon low tide. All volunteers walk a section of coast with a reasearch form where they record when and where they see a seal, both on land and sea. This is an exciting oppertunity to explore areas which in all other times would be closed for the public as well as assisting The Icelandic Seal Center with this impotant information od seal numbers in the area.

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For a full report of The Great Seal Count Results (in Icelandic) click here